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Hospitality Insights

The Hospitality Insights platform provides your guest with a superior stay experience by collecting information, processing it and reporting it to management.

  • Surveys (Guest Satisfaction Survey)

Through surveys, you collect feedback from the guest - during the stay (During the Stay Satisfaction Survey) and after the stay (Post Stay Satisfaction Survey). Data collection can be via QR code, e-mail or touch screens (Smiley face survey).

  • Smart analytics and reporting tool

With the help of smart reports, you can more easily spot trends and potential problems (Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, Custom reports tailored to the user).


  • NLP Add-on

Using natural language processing, it enables the unique functionality of quick and simple analysis of large amounts of comments from survey forms. This is achieved by applying comment translation, sentiment analysis and classification

  • Redirect to other platforms

The application has the possibility of conditional redirection to other platforms.

  • The platform has the abilityonline and offline modes of operation and enables:


Different types of questions:

  • Binary scale (yes/no)

  • Multiple choice questions

  • Mutually exclusive answers

  • Ordinal scale (grades e.g. 0-10)

  • Likert scale (I disagree, somewhat agree...)

Various data entry:

  • Text

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Photography

  • Geo - location


Different display of reports through metrics:

  • Net Promoter Score

  • Customer Satisfaction Score

  • Reports customized depending on needs.

On request it is possible linkage through API integration with the systems you use (PMS; booking system..)

Supported functionalities

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