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Virtual assistants (chatbot) -
be available 24/7/365

Do you want to always be available to your clients and employees, to provide them with all the necessary information in a more automated and faster way? Try our virtual assistants!


Virtual assistants are built on the advanced IBM Watson Assistant platform and can be easily integrated with your existing applications. We also use other leading platforms to ensure that your virtual assistant meets all your needs and requirements.

Our Virtual Assistants are based on various NLP (Natural Language Processing) processes that we have developed for the Croatian language.

With our team of experts, we can provide you with personalized solutions - customized Chatbot. Whether you need a virtual assistant for customer support, automation of responses to inquiries or management of internal processes, we are here to help. 

Virtual assistant as an upgrade to DMS (document management system)

Virtual assistant for document database search

Searching for content is an activity that we all regularly do for private and business purposes, whether it's searching databases, documents or web pages.

Unlike searching paper documents, where the only way to find specific content is to read all the documents we are searching, with digitization we have greatly reduced the time and amount of performing such tasks.

To make the search itself even better and more adapted to the search language, semantic search was introduced. By switching to the semantic search of documents, the search is performed not only by looking for the consistency of words in the document, but also by taking into account the meaning of the words themselves

Applications of a virtual assistant that performs a semantic search for information:

  • integration into existing DMS systems (Document Management System)

  • helping agents (agent assist) in customer support centers to find relevant information in the shortest possible time

  • plan B in existing virtual assistants for cases when they don't know how to answer a question, so an additional knowledge base is searched


*The advantages of semantic search are especially visible in a language such as Croatian, since with it we get an advanced understanding of synonyms, different forms of words, such as words in other cases, persons, genders, and the linguistic context.

A virtual assistant to automate and improve customer support

Do you want to always be available to your clients and employees, provide them with all the necessary information more automatically and quickly? 

The company Ideas4AI has developed various virtual assistants that help in various business processes. Virtual assistants are based on the use of artificial intelligence and can be easily integrated with your existing applications.

Our virtual assistants are based on various NLP (Natural Language Processing) processes that we have developed for the Croatian language.

Benefits of using virtual assistants:

  • increasing customer or employee satisfaction

  • improving sales results

  • constant availability

  • time saving and increased efficiency


Virtual assistant as support in human resources

HR virtual assistant

The Ideas4AI company enables your company's employees to communicate with or through a virtual assistant to automate and facilitate various processes in the field of human resources management.


Why HR virtual assistants?

  • reducing the burden on the HR department with frequently asked questions (how many days of the year are left, when will the next team building be,...)

  • time saving and increased efficiency

  • constant availability to the company's employees

  • better insight into employee satisfaction - sentiment analysis

  • possible query analysis and detailed analytics

  • help with employee education, application of candidates for pre-selection - detailed reports to e-mail


Virtual assistant for conference and other events

Conference chatbot

We saw one of the potential applications of artificial intelligence and virtual assistants first hand, when organizing our traditional Power of Data conference.

At the last few Power of Data conferences, our virtual assistant Đurđa helped in the organization, answering frequently asked questions of potential participants, so that the organizers could focus on other things.

From that example of automating conference organization using AI, we developed a product that will equally help other event organizers.

Our software solution provides the user with the possibility of creating virtual assistants based on IBM's Watson Assistant platform. Such chatbots provide potential conference participants with information about the conference, such as information about lecturers, presentations, location, registration, and the like.

In a few clicks, users can create a new chatbot or change information about an existing one, without having to enter the Watson Assistant interface.

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