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Cookies are data that a website transfers to an individual's hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies, which are an industry standard and are used by most websites, can facilitate your access to and use of that website, while their use by those who create the site allows it to be tailored to your needs.

For easier understanding, here's an example of data stored when using our website and its specific purpose: cookies remember your login details so you don't have to enter them every time, while they help us track the traffic of specific pages on our website. This data about the traffic of individual parts of the website provides us and third parties with insight into which content you have seen and are interested in. By analyzing this data, we understand what content our users want to follow and accordingly adapt our website to provide a better experience for users.

Rejecting Cookies

If you do not want your data to be collected through the use of cookies, most browsers have a simple procedure that allows you to reject the use of cookies. Please note that certain cookies may be necessary for the proper functioning and provision of information on our website.

Third Parties

Like many website owners, we use the services of an independent company (Google Analytics) that measures and analyzes Internet usage through our website. We use these third-party services to collect the following key information about the use of our website:

  • Number of visits to our website,

  • Number of unique visitors to our website,

  • Average time these unique visitors spend on our website during their visits,

  • Common entry and exit points from our website.

Cookies on Our Website

Our website may use the following types of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies that ensure the proper functioning of the site,

  • Analytical cookies that enable tracking of site usage,

  • Cookies for sharing content from the site on social networks.

Necessary cookies or cookies that ensure the proper functioning of the site may be used for:

  • Tracking login information,

  • Transferring data between parts of the site,

  • Saving preferences (which part of the site you use, what content you view, language, location, etc.),

  • Saving settings for optimal display of web pages,

  • Saving settings for optimal display of any video content,

  • Reading browser settings for optimal display of video content and web pages,

  • Real-time page optimization.

Analytical cookies that enable tracking of site usage may be used for:

  • Tracking the number of visitors to the website,

  • Tracking the time spent on our pages,

  • Determining the sequence in which a visitor accesses various parts of our website,

  • Assessing which parts of the website need improvement,

  • Website optimization.

Cookies for sharing content from the site on social networks enable:

  • Users of social networks to directly share specific content from our site and indicate that they like it.

  • Social networks may collect personal data for various purposes, but we have no control over how social networks will use your personal data.

Internet Browser and Cookies

When using an internet browser to access services, you can configure the browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is sent. Each browser is different, so please check your browser's "Help" menu to learn how to change cookie settings. Your device's operating system may have additional controls for cookies. Please note that some services may be designed to work with cookies, and disabling cookies may affect your ability to use those services or certain parts of them.

You can read more about cookies here:

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